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Retain the United States

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Flying Laser Marking Control System: LYF-101RA



Processor: embedded 4-core Cortex-A53, maximum frequency 1.8GHz


Solid state storage FLASH: 16GB EMMC SSD (on-board soldering, non-pluggable)

Display size: 10.1 inches

Display resolution: 1280*800

Touch screen type: Resistive screen

Brightness: 352cd/m2

USB: 1

Ethernet: 1

Serial port: 1

Expansion IO:3 inputs, 2 outputs, optional 4 inputs, 4 outputs


Click to download:

LYF-101RA Software user's manual

LYF-101RA Hardware wiring manual

LYF-101RA DB37 Adatper wiring manual

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